Fox’s Pool

Fox’s Pool is our smallest lake at about half an acre in size and being around five feet deep throughout with a fairly even bottom, it is easy to fish and is one of the most popular waters at Arden Lakes. The pool is next to the main car park but set in a hollow which both makes it a secluded water for anglers and provides much needed shelter in poor weather.

Stocked predominantly with many mirror and common carp in the 2lbs to 5lbs range, it also holds a number of carp to about 10lbs which provide good sport. There are also a good number of silver fish with many quality roach and some bream and perch to about 2lbs.

There are 16 pegs all of which can be used for a club match in the summer, but we do recommend clubs limit numbers to twelve or less in the winter. Being sheltered Fox’s Pool provides excellent sport in the winter with some very good match results even when the lake has been frozen and anglers have broken the ice.

All baits will work well on this lake and the fish respond best to anglers who feed little but often with the carp coming into the margins throughout the day looking for their next meal.