The Bowl

The Bowl should be your destination if you’re looking for peace and quiet away from the rest of the fishery. It’s our most sheltered and secluded lake and more anglers should make the effort to spend a day experiencing what it has to offer. The Bowl was originally used as part of the irrigation system for Snitterfield Fruit Farm and is just under one acre in size. Access is down a grass track and then a stoned or paved path so we recommend you travel light as it can be long walk back to your car if you have had a good day at the bankside. The paths and platforms can be slippery in the wet so care should always be taken. All under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult at all times as The Bowl is between twelve and eighteen feet deep, with very steep banks which should you tumble in could make it hard to get out without help.

Anglers who spend a day down The Bowl can expect to catch carp which average about 5lbs, with the occasional double figure fish. There is also excellent silverfish fishing with roach, rudd and skimmer bream plus the occasional small chub. The Bowl was once heavily stocked with crucain carp and although some are still caught it is now home to many perch to 2lbs, with the occasional fish over 3lbs.

Natural baits work best on this water, but pellets and meat can also do well for the carp. Unlike our other waters the fish are very wary so anglers should always take care when moving around to keep bankside disturbance to a minimum as the margins can fish very well for carp. With the good number of silver fish in The Bowl, and its sheltered setting anglers can have a comfortable day out of the wind or cold targeting these in the winter or on a wet summers day.