Alistair’s Bridge

Alistair’s Bridge at about an acre in size, has a central island with about six feet of water along the roadside bank, and an average of four feet of water around the rest of the pool. Fishing is from decking platforms with those having some shelter from the wind being the most popular for anglers. There are 23 platforms, we suggest 20 is a good maximum number for a club match. The pool contains many carp averaging about 4lbs, with the occasional double figure fish. There are also plenty of silver fish including roach and skimmer bream plus the occasional barbel and tench.

Anglers using a pole usually do very well, but more traditional waggler fishing and feeders cast across to the island can also be very productive. All baits work well and it is usually best to feed gently to begin with and then once the carp are in your swim increase the quantity of loose feed to keep them there. Later in the day the margins which can be quite deep should be targeted once the fish have settled over your bait. Alistair’s Bridge is a firm favorite with many of our regular dayticket anglers and fishes well throughout the year.